World Poetry Day 2021

World Poetry Day 2021

Moon Child


The dark starry night was a huge blanket, exactly where the seven
moons meet the glistening 
tranquil lake.
Fireflies danced upon the enchanted land of the forgotten, 
luminous plants light up the world like a jar of  spirits and hopes.  

Moonchild was born, daughter of the seven godly moons, 
Hair as silky as single gold threads, white as snow, 
her golden clips entwined complimenting her beauty
Skin dark, and powerful, eyes filled with wonder and excitement
Gifted with lips which shine  amongst the rays of moonlight  

Oh how Moonchild was the joy and laughter of the land! 
Heart as pure as gold
Beauty as radiant as a maiden
She danced amongst the stars, every leap a new beginning,
Every smile an opening to every hope and dream you could ever wish for  


The silver backed trees was hit by the first sign of dawn,
Animals fled to the deep dark depths of the forest
The seven glorious moons slowly descended into the river the
sun ascending above
Moonchild gracefully raised up to the clouds, a light spring in her step
with every trek.
The world was awake.
The seven moons have rested.
And that was the day when Moonchild was born. 


By Sadé - 11 years old

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