Our Story

Our Story

Sade Magazine


A beautiful story which will have a happy ending..

Sadé Magazine was born Feb 2020, a project I started with my daughter. I've been thinking about this project since Sadé was starting to enjoy the arts, reading and writing. 

As Sadé grew older, she was really into reading and writing. We use to buy all the magazine that was available on the high street, however she really didn't learn from any of them. It would be a quick topic about pop stars, animals or hairstyles. All these topics never represented Black culture.

It started to get painful, going to these supermarkets and looking for a good 20 mins or so for a magazines that represented Black Culture, Black Arts, Black writers, Black History. 

Me: "Wouldn't it be great if we started our own magazine?"

Sadé : "Yes, can I write the content?"

Me: " Great, let's start creating" 

Its been one amazing adventure and working with Sadé has been wonderful. 

Our mission is to build a community for young Black Girls like our daughter Sadé who will be leading the way for the future. Supporting parents, teachers and guardians with information that is not been mentioned or shown as offer as we like.

Our First issue..

This issue teaches about Race, History and Activism in an engaging way through illustrated stories, poems, and educational activities that the whole family can enjoy. Sadé herself will be gracing the cover and we have over 5 contributions from Black talented, writers, illustrators, artists and parents. 

A special pull out "History Journal"  will be featured in every issue. Can you guess who it would be this month? 

Huge thank you for all your pre-orders, we're really excited to share with soon!

Sadé and Davina x 

Sadé Magazine available here

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