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Sharna Jackson is an award-winning author and curator who specialises in developing socially engaged initiatives for children across culture, publishing and entertainment. She was recently the Artistic Director at Site Gallery in Sheffield and was formerly the editor of the Tate Kids website. Sharna's debut novel, High-Rise Mystery, received numerous awards and accolades, including the Waterstones Book Prize for the Best Book for Younger Readers. Sharna lives on a boat in Rotterdam in the Netherlands.


Welcome back Sharna! 
Thank you so much for having me back, Sadé and Davina!


The Nine Night Mystery is your latest mystery book. Can you give us a brief overview of the plot and the main characters?
Last night, Wesley and his friends threw a party for their neighbour Rachel’s birthday but this morning she’s dead in her bed. While her friends decide to give her a Nine Night to celebrate her life and guide her soul to the next world, Wesley and co decide to discover exactly what happened to Rachel, and why she kept so many secrets…

If you have read The Good Turn, you will have met Wesley, Margot, and Josie already. Wesley is a funny boy who can be snappy–only because he cares deeply about people he loves. Margot is quite whimsical and dramatic. She always sees the beauty in things, both bad and good situations. Josie cares about getting to the truth, has a keen sense of fairness and justice for all.


If The Nine Night Mystery were to be adapted into a film or series, who would be your dream cast? And Why?
That is a great question! I would want to find new amazing young actors for Wesley, Margot and Josie, but Aunty Molly played by Naomie Harris. She’s so great. Rachel played by Whitney Houston. I make Pinterest boards for all of my stories, so I can take a peek at the characters when I am writing about them.  

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers about The Nine Night Mystery?
A Nine Night is a celebration in the Caribbean which occurs between the death of a loved one and their funeral. It makes sure their spirit gets to finish up all their business on Earth and also gives their loved one's time to remember them. It was partly inspired by the time when my mum died in 2010. Lots of people came to our house every day, arms full of food and drink, sharing stories and their sorrow.

What do you think makes a good murder mystery story? 
Lots of smart stomach-turning twists, detectives who think about everything from every angle plus a good splash of peril. 

Name an underappreciated murder mystery/crime novel that you love.
The Runaways written by Ruth Thomas! The Runaways, written by Ruth Thomas, is about two kids who are disliked at their school. One day, they end up walking home together after school and find a lot of money in an abandoned house. They take it and run away. I love it so much not only because it is exciting but also the way the characters get closer as the story progresses. It’s so good. 

Would you consider writing an adult murder mystery novel?
I have three ideas for adult stories at the moment that I have made some notes on! They are all certainly mysterious, but I am not sure if there will be murders yet! Probably!

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