Sadé Magazine Book Club

Black History Month - Sadé Book Club

To celebrate, we'll be sharing our favourite books. From Oct 1st and every Saturday we would be sharing and discussing. 

It's a time to share our history, but also the time to share current projects, new books and new writers. Every Friday we'll announce the books. Stay tuned!

Book Series 
Week 1 - Black History Month - Family Fun

Our first book review is Later words by Curtis Ackie and illustrated by Constanta Goeppinger. 


Book Series 
Week 2 - Black History Month - Family Gatherings.

Our second book review is Ella Has A Plan words by Davina Hamilton and illustrated by Elena Reinoso. 

Book Series 
Week 3 - Black History Month - Inspirational People 

Our third book review is Little People, BIG DREAMS words by various writers and illustrators. 

Book Series 
Week 4 - Black History Month - Inspirational People 
Our fourth book review is Timelines From Black History by Mireille Harper. 

Black History Month - Sadé Magazine Book Club
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