A Quick Chat With...David Wilkerson

A Quick Chat With...David Wilkerson

The Conversations Series creates a positive image for young girls to refer to by having conversations with different business owners, entrepreneurs and creators. Here, we are catching up with David Wilkerson, an illustrator who has illustrated historical figures and true events and enjoys a creative space filled with paintings, photos and prints made by his creative friends. 

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David Wilkson

You have illustrated a few children's books. What was different about the 
Kyan Green and the Infinity Racers story? 

Many of the books that I had illustrated prior to Kyan Green were about historical figures and true events. It instantly inspired me after reading the exciting backstory of Kyan Green for the first time. It was refreshing to illustrate so many black and brown characters making their way through the multiverse.

Kyan Green - Colm Field

When did you discover your love for art? What was that experience like?

I discovered my love of art when I was 9. My best friend at the time taught me a few drawing basics and encouraged me to experiment on my own. The feeling of creating something from “nothing” gave me a rush that I had never felt before. Shortly after that, I was using my dad's printer paper to make my very own poorly drawn comics.

What mediums do you create your work in?

I mostly use digital mediums. Photoshop, Illustrator, and Procreate are
my bread and butter.

How would you describe your illustration style?

I’d describe my style as a “gumbo” of my biggest influences and my fondest memories. It took a really long time to find my creative voice, but I felt unstoppable once I did.

Describe your creative space. And why is it special to you?

My space is pretty cramped and intimate, but it has five tall windows that really open the room on sunny days. I covered the walls with paintings, prints, and photos made by my creative friends. It could use a few plants, but I love it. It’s actually my first real creative space, and I’ve experienced most of my biggest career moments there.

Sade magazine - Film Issue


Who inspires you, and why?

I’m inspired by people like Tristan Walker, Rodney Lucas, Nipsey Hussle, and Stefan Grant. Like me, they faced a lot of adversity to become the best versions of themselves. They inspired me to become a voice in the space that I occupy as well.

Kyan Green and the Infinity Racers | Bloomsbury | Available from Bookshop.org

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