A quick chat with… Aurélia Durand

A quick chat with… Aurélia Durand

The Conversations Series creates a positive image for young girls to refer to by having conversations with different business owners, entrepreneurs and creators. Here, we are catching up with Aurélia Durand, an illustrator who has illustrated for many Empower the Future books series. Her favourite season is Spring, and she loves to cook. 

Aurelia durand

The illustration details featured in This Book will Save The Planet are wonderful! We are fans of the Empower the Future series. What was the inspiration behind the illustrations? 

I represent Afro-descendants as joyful, proud, and empowered — a united community whose destinies are intertwined. These colourful personalities present the unified voice of a global community whose hopes, dreams, and desires envision an inclusive future for all.

This book will save the planet


Could you tell us what the best ​​part of working with Dany the author was? 

Fun fact, we did not work together directly. Dany wrote the book with the publisher, and I worked on the illustration with the designers of the editors.

What mediums do you create your work in? 

I create my work in Adobe Illustrator.

What inspired you to be an illustrator?

I was not expecting to work on a series of books. I was not comfortable with words or books, but thanks to my editor, I feel more confident and see that my artwork can transmit knowledge and inspire people. It's powerful.


What advice can you give to young climate activists?

Believe in the cause you fight for, be persistent, meet people, talk to people, be curious, and know you can pass on your message.


Sade magazine Issue 11

Quick Fire Round

You have one superpower. What would it be?

My superpower is to be creative.

Favourite season?

Spring is my favourite season; the flowers bloom, and the days are brighter; it feels like a hope that nature is still alive.


Any hidden talents?

I like to cook 😉

About the illustrator
Aurélia Durand is a French graphic artist. Her work, which includes the illustrations for the #1 New York Times bestseller This Book Is Anti-Racist, is a vivid celebration of diversity; she dedicates her artistic voice to matters involving representation. Her work has been featured in advertising campaigns, galleries, and editorial magazines; her clients include Nike, The New Yorker, Facebook,
and more.

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