About Sadé

Sadé Magazine is an independent quarterly print publication. With inspiring and sophisticated editorial, it's perfect for confident readers who love to take on new challenges. Sadé Magazine is a resource for like-minded readers. Sadé, our Editor-in-Chief, puts together the content, sharing her knowledge and teachings for other young girls to inspire by.  

We see learning as part of everyday activities. Each issue brings topics about history, arts, science and general knowledge. We encourage readers to be self-motivated learners. We specially designed our magazine to inspire and empower young girls.


With every issue: 

For confident readers aged 7+ 
Educational facts, activities and challenging projects 
Featuring professional POC of all backgrounds
Introducing different debates and conversations
Full of original content and beautiful creativity
Fun for the entire family
A keeper or even passed down to inspire others

Need more inspiration?

Not only do we have our fact packed issues, we have our blog that features award winning writers and illustrators in our Writer Spotlight series. 


Sadé Magazine - Our Mission

© Sadé Magazine Mission Statement. 

"Our mission is to build a community for young girls like our daughter Sadé, who will lead the way for the future."

Founder and Creative Director 



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